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The Doomsdays have Come !

Yes, these days, coupled with Covid-19, lightnings with Thunder is a New Threat for one and all, in the villages, suburban and metropolitan areas alike !

Death strikes in the form of high flash with deafening sounds of thunder. All on a sudden ! It was in the afternoon It was raining heavily. No sounds of thunder was there. Suddenly a huge sound with flash happened and the Inverter sounded alarm as it was struck and gone out of order !

Every time there is Dark cloud and rain we have to disconnect all the plugs off from TV, Water Purifier, Fridge, Desktops and Inverter and so on !

Environmentalists have agenda, the scientists have mandates not related to their research priorities.

Researchers and scientists are actually wage-earners !

There is absolutely lacking in research policies, which are made in AC rooms, totally unreal, futile, based on funding probabilities !

Populist policies steal the shows !

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Why Are We Losing our Natural Resources?

Why are we Losing our Natural Resources?

It is nothing new to all of us! But still, we are indifferent! Why? Because we are trying to create more happiness for ourselves and neglecting our Nature, Species, and surroundings? Days will come when we will not get our valuable resources even with a higher price! What if we lose our fish species, which has been a great delicacy for centuries?

For example, the Raikhor fish species of the Balurghat region of West Bengal is facing a great threat today! Another such species is Dhanshuley fish species in the western part of West Bengal, which was found in sufficient quantities in the paddy fields just 50 years back. But now that is just unavailable today there!

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A Tug-of-War between Plant and Man

Yes, it is a Tug-of-War between Plant and Man !