Only Nitrogenous Fertilizers are Applied !

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Only Nitrogenous Fertilizers are Applied !

Only Nitrogenous Fertilizers are Applied ! This is a great Fallacy ! Dwarf High Yielding Varieties are fed with Nitrogenous fertilizers only! And the name of that nitrogenous fertilizer is Urea !

The farmers pay less attention to apply organic manures. They also apply very less of Phosphate and Potassic fertilizers.

The result is that farmers don’t get desirable results. The production don’t increase after several years. And the pest attack are more. The cost of production becomes higher also. Less use of manures and phosphate and potassic fertilizers make the crop susceptible to pest attacks and expenditure on pesticides is increased manifold.

By T K Mandal

The author is an ardent follower and believer of Nature and Yoga practices. Yoga can work miracles and a Cure-All for all physical and mental diseases, yes , at any age, I assure you !

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