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Elephants are Intruding on Human Inhabitants Due to Diminishing Forest Cover!

Elephants are intruding on human inhabitants because they are not getting enough forest cover and enough food for their survival. They are therefore competing with the humans for food and shelter. A rivalry between them is happening for a long time back.

It is more prevalent in the forest fringe areas. A tragic incident took place in Assam yesterday where a young man was killed.

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We are Seeing a Lot of Reversals All Around the Globe on Climatic Fronts!

Almost every day newspapers are publishing news that relates to climatic reversals all around the globe! This is quite expected and/or unexpected! What can we say?

Woman in Pink Dress Standing on Foggy Environment
Courtesy to Rian Ardiansyah for Image (Pexels)

This is expected because we have allowed so many deviations to take place. We have burned fossil fuels unabated! We have not utilized our conventional sources of energy. We are nearing a shortage of coal, natural oil, and gas as predicted by scientists long back. But we have not cared!

Yellow Flowers in Tilt Shift Lens

Courtesy to Ivan Samkov for Image (Pexels)

PS: I am Tired of Showing images of natural hazards. So I show here images of Beauty and Happiness!