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Bad Effects of Nitrogenous Fertilizers !

Bad Effects of Nitrogenous Fertilizers ! These nitrogenous chemical fertilizers ( namely urea ) have corrosive effect on the soil and make the soil ‘hard’ ! The microbes living in the soil are killed. Such hard soils become hot quickly and add to global warming ! And the use of pesticides makes the soil add […]

A Vicious Cycle !

A Vicious Cycle Farmers are also reluctant to use the most required dose of organic manures for the same reason of lack of visible effect. Organic manures are also difficult to be available as greater rate of mechanization have led to less number of cattle they are to raise in their farmyard. These are not […]

HYVs Precede Chemicals ?

HYVs Precede Chemicals ? High Yielding Varieties Precede the Use of Chemicals in Agriculture ? High Yielding Varieties in the 1960s is a major development in agriculture. The dwarf varieties replaced the tall varieties. The dwarf varieties can carry higher grain loads without lodging. But they consume higher amount of chemical fertilizers. The farmers use […]

Factors of Late Rainy Season

Factors of Late Rainy Season: Are Population Explosion and Air Pollution Responsible for Late and Erratic Rainy Season? There is no doubt about it. Anyone can understand this. Increasing population led to higher rate of industrialization and consequent air pollution. Air pollution can be blamed as a genuine culprit. Are the Uses of Chemicals like […]

Fish Species or Varieties Available then ?

Fish Species or Varieties Available then ? A number of the fish species are no more or nearly extinct. Maybe they are available in some other areas of Bengal basin where water in the lowland paddy fields are assured. But these areas do not represent the major and overall scenario in our area of West […]

Paddy Fields as Source of Fishes !

Paddy Fields as Source of Fishes ! In those days we had lot of fishes from the paddy field as there had been plenty of regular rainwater and people in the rainy season had no dearth of fishes of so many species! Every type of fishes had been available in the paddy field then. A […]

Silver Linings of Climate Change !

Silver Linings of Climate Change ! Yes, there are ‘some’ silver linings of climate change found out by us. Grossly Ten or Fifteen years back I used to see Summer Nor’wester a very regular phenomenon in West Bengal in the Bengali months of Vaisakha and Joisthya ( First two months in Bengali calender ). Summer […]

What had been the situation like ?

What had been the situation like ? The situation had been startlingly different then, I must say. Everything was different at that time. In every aspect. In village everything revolves around agriculture. So everything had been different then as had been the case with agriculture! Wht hd been ltogether different then ? Let me start […]

Disappearance of Vulture !

Disappearance of Vulture ! Disappearance of vulture s one of the most important aspect of degenerating environment around us today ! This is one of our childhood memories as well. This is a magnificent bird species, very beautiful as well except its neck areas where the its feathers are generally shredded always making it ugly-looking […]


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