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Small Fishes Facing Extinction as Usual !

Small Fishes Facing Extinction as Usual ! And we are sleeping over the issue as usual. We are aware. But we have to act now. Otherwise our taste buds will rue for these tasty small fries for ever and ever ?

Small Fishes Facing Extinction as Usual !

Photo of Pile Of Fish

Right now we have to buy these small fishes with huge price ! These are more expensive than the bigger ones like Catla, Ruhu, Mrigels.

Woman Sitting Near Fishes And Basins
Small fishes : Way to Extinction of Delicacies !
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Use of Eco-Friendly Technologies

Use of Eco-Friendly Technologies has just become a cliché ! From thirty years back we are hearing that fossil fuel reserves are diminishing to the level that will be sufficient for only thirty years only !

We are still not serious enough to use ‘convectional sources’ of energy ! And the net result is steadily increasing global warming spiral !

How long will we wait to see ever-increasing natural disasters around the world ! The Cloudbursts, Heat Tombs, Daily deaths duo to lightning strikes, to refer a few. Tornedoes are making inroads in newer and newer areas !

Super-cyclones have become a go of the day ! Nowadays they are not having an ‘Eye’ ! Strange happening will increase with every passing day !

Won’t we be alert ! When we will be responsible !

Whatever you do, please don’t try to protect Nature. No. You need not ! Because Nature will protect herself on her own ! But we have to ‘Pay’ for that ! And that will be ‘unimaginable’ and ‘horrendous’ !