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Everything has Changed But Our Mindset hasn’t !

Everything has Changed But Our Mindset hasn’t !

This is absolutely True ! Nature is always ‘Sustainable’. That means Nature Changes ‘Slowly’ ! I don’t say that Nature does not Change. Yes it Does. It Changes over a long period of time where the factors of changes are not as Sudden ! This can be Termed as ‘Evolution’ (Charles Darwin).

But today the ‘Factors’ has changed drastically because of human activities !

small house surrounded by coniferous trees growing on slope

What Humans have Done ?

Humans have given a ‘Jolt’ to Nature ! They have decreased the forest areas within a very short span of time through deforestation. Modernization has given birth to numerous man-made synthetic chemicals in factories and industries and applying them in farmland with drastic effects! There are a lot of controversies as per this issue. Searching Google by the Keywords “man-made chemicals” I found the initial primary results which are against my viewpoint.

But when I search by the words “hazards of agro-chemicals” I got the results what I intended to deal with here.




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