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Farmer-Dealer-Expert Complex Contd.2

Farmer-Dealer-Expert Complex Contd.2

The dealers are in a way extension workers for transfer of agri-technologies to the farmers !

This is due to their close relation with the Private Company representatives ! They receive information from the Sales Representatives and pass them to the farmers. So the dealers in a way act as the bridges between the Pesticide industry and the farmer .

Th Company Representatives have Formal education of agriculture from Agricultural Universities which the dealers don’t have. The dealers are generally the school drop-outs , whereas the Representatives are the graduates in agricultural education. Sometimes they are even post-graduates and doctorate. The dealers may also have graduate and post-graduate degrees, but very rarely. But very few of them have even graduation in agriculture !

This makes a qualitative difference between the dealers and the sales representatives. The Sales Representatives are in a position to understand the basic rationale of pesticide application and their doses and implication of over doses and application.

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