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HYVs Precede Chemicals ?

HYVs Precede Chemicals ?

High Yielding Varieties Precede the Use of Chemicals in Agriculture ?

High Yielding Varieties in the 1960s is a major development in agriculture. The dwarf varieties replaced the tall varieties. The dwarf varieties can carry higher grain loads without lodging. But they consume higher amount of chemical fertilizers. The farmers use only Nitrogenous fertilizers, namely Urea, which makes the crops visibly luxuriant and at the same time succulent.

HYVs are meant to consume higher dose of chemical fertilizers to yield more. But in the field level it is seen that the farmers are tempted to use only Urea as the source of Nitrogenous fertilizer and remain satisfied with their crop growth which are deep green and sappy making the crops attractive to insect and disease pests. They are reluctant to use basic other fertilizers dose of Phosphate and Potash fertilizers which makes the crops hardy, resistant and capable of more yield bearing, because these two types of fertilizers have less of visible impact on crops.


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