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Rampant Hybridization !

Rampant Hybridization !

Rampant hybridization of crops and livestock ! In the case of crops it is rather increasing production to feed the teeming millions!

But in the case of cat fish what happened ! The hybrid cat fish is made just inedible through hybridization! It is tasteless! Not only that it is in bad smell as well !

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The feed that is fed to the hybrid cat-fish is very bad, with smashed carcasses. It is also being raised in the high drains, in dirty waters making it all the more odorous!

The is absolutely gone . Oh God save this rampant hybridizations.

There is nobody to check all these activities. There in no action from the monitoring agencies(mostly govt.). The public is also indifferent !

Cat-fish is a very highly tasteful fish species! It is unparalleled in taste. But thanks to rampant spate of hybridization, the hybrid cat-fish has been made just inedible!

Scientists should take note of this! We know that hybridization lead to greater quantity and less quality. This is true in the case of all the crops and livestock and fishes. But in the case of cat-fish it is absolutely unique!

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