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Serene Pristine Unforgettable Agriculture!

Serene Pristine Unforgettable Agriculture!

It is a great moment for me as I sit down to rather chronicle the memories of my life, particularly, my childhood days ( about fifty years back from now). Very often my mind travel to those days and find things which are in great contrast to the ones I come across with nowadays. It pains me a lot to see the sad plight of the natural resources left available to us humans!

It is a great steady decay of nature since then. I must not hesitate to say that the state of agriculture is in a pitiable condition today, rather in shambles!

In those times, it seems everything was different, at least for my place where I lived! Wait a bit. Am I correct when I say this? No. absolutely “No”! Because the situation has changed invariably. Not only for my place but for other places, like our places, absolutely, because I have seen it over the times through my own eyes, but also for other regions like Blocks, districts, State and the country as a whole! And not only for my country but for the whole world as everybody can see with their own eyes and experiences!

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