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Don’t Indulge in Blame Game !

Don’t Indulge in Blame Game !

Don’t Indulge in Blame Game ! Do your bit what you can ! Play your part well. You have a role. You know what you can do. You know what good you can do for others and yourselves and the society around you and at large !

You might be a part of a network where things are not always good. Do your bit to motivate others to correct those activities and people.

Nowadays we see people using harmful materials to color, dye fruits and vegetables. The real educated people must take responsibility to correct these.

Don’t you see more number of people suffering from tumor and cancer ? Any doubt , any queries ? Please check with people around you.


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Farmer-Dealer-Expert Complex Contd.1

Farmer-Dealer-Expert Complex…..Contd.1

The dealers are always not to be blamed as well ! They are also a part and parcel of the society and affected by the human factors. In our modern-day context consumerism has affected everybody. All of us want to become rich within the shortest possible time !

So it is very natural that they will try to earn more like all other people of the society.

Coupled with this, lack of proper education and training have a great role to play !

They don’t know how ‘over-doses’ of pesticides can affect human, animal and ecological health. They are not aware the direct and indirect effects on their own health and health of their children and other family members !