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Tornedo I Would Never Forget !

I won’t forget that Tornedo ! The devastating Tornedo ! It was so devastating that it carried off even the water, fishes and mud of a pond off its bottom and threw away to other places !

This is totally unwarranted and unthinkable to me ! I could not relate it to anything even in my wildest nightmare ! Because of its devastating form ! I did not see it with my own eyes as I was residing in the hostel for pursuing my Masters degree about 110 Km away.

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The sound of the tornedo was as if an aeroplane was passing over the head ! A bullock cart was lifted away and left afar. It was in around 1988.

The tornedo very surprisingly originated from a forest area ( named Sangma ) and gained momentum in an open treeless meadow !

The open meadow measuring about several kilometers (length and breadth) is generally used to raise only winter paddy ! This open meadow is the place where the tornedo could gained momentum. This is the reason I wanted to suggest the farmers of the area to plant trees along the roadsides and the borders of their field plots. But they did not agree because they thought that trees grown along the field plot borders will hamper their paddy crop which is very important as their staple food crop.

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