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Tornedo in the Ganges !

Yes ! Tornedo over the Ganga river ! Unbelievable ! Unprecedented ! Unforeseen ! No words are enough to express Surprise, Fear, Astonishment ! Can not believe our own eyes ! The mobile-phone captured pictures went viral within an hour !

We could not believe that our Ma Ganga will look so dangerous ! We look to Ganga river for cool air ! But what a great blow to our age-old belief !

Oh My God ! Why this happened ! People got scary ! We just pray that people get awake to take corrective measures by raising, planting and protecting more and more trees which can make the climate cooler and prevent such event happening once again !

We generally see many tree saplings growing on the roadsides, the likes of banyan trees, neem trees and many shrubs, which should be protected to grow bigger ! Everyone should be encouraged and engaged to do this. If Nature is cool and happy we will also be cool and happy. Even unlimited wealth can’t be able to afford this to us !

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