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Use of Eco-Friendly Technologies

Use of Eco-Friendly Technologies has just become a cliché ! From thirty years back we are hearing that fossil fuel reserves are diminishing to the level that will be sufficient for only thirty years only !

We are still not serious enough to use ‘convectional sources’ of energy ! And the net result is steadily increasing global warming spiral !

How long will we wait to see ever-increasing natural disasters around the world ! The Cloudbursts, Heat Tombs, Daily deaths duo to lightning strikes, to refer a few. Tornedoes are making inroads in newer and newer areas !

Super-cyclones have become a go of the day ! Nowadays they are not having an ‘Eye’ ! Strange happening will increase with every passing day !

Won’t we be alert ! When we will be responsible !

Whatever you do, please don’t try to protect Nature. No. You need not ! Because Nature will protect herself on her own ! But we have to ‘Pay’ for that ! And that will be ‘unimaginable’ and ‘horrendous’ !

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