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Weed Bio-diversity has changed !

Weed Bio-diversity has changed !

Types of weeds found before have changed a lot. Thanks to the application of chemical fertilizers ! Mostly urea is used to the full doses by the farmers. The Govt. officials try to motivate the farmers to apply more and more nitrogenous fertilizers to boost up production in a short time to feed the ever-increasing population.

In fact, the less availability of labor has made it all possible ! There in denying the fact that agricultural production has increased a lot with modern technologies and there is less demand for works or wages by the rural agricultural laborers.

On the other hand, the rural youth have lost their ‘interest’ on farm works which are mostly done by their parents or parental generations. Nowadays agricultural activities or field works on the farmland do not attract rural youths.

So there is no option but to apply herbicides to control the weeds !

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