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What are the Root Causes of Tornedo & Super Cyclones ?

Rise in temperature is the root cause of Tornedo and Super Cyclones. Another important factor to gain speed is the lack of trees there !

Global warming is made the Rise in temperature possible. Lack of trees is actually a factor which acts as a cause of origin as well as a cause for making Tornedoes and Super Cyclones so strong !

Ocean Waves Crashing on Shore

Super Cyclones originate more frequently in even ‘off-seasons’ in the oceans because present global warming situation whereby the seawater gets hot more often ! They gain their speed on the ‘un-hindered’ sea surface.

Green Tree Under White Clouds
Cyclone ( Taloga , United States )

They become stronger when they do not find trees on their ways !

So immediate need is to plant tree on their ways !

Lightning and Tornado Hitting Village

Trees make the environment cooler, so tornedoes and cyclones are not born or born less. Trees prevents them become stronger. Even a child knows this !

But We have to Act Now or to Wait for More Disasters and Death !

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