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Why Nature is So Furious !

The Nature has become Furious already. The clear indications are there for all of us to see and verify ! Nobody can deny this !


This year’s Summer is an clear sign. Last year Amphan also carried its lethal strike on this ominous May ! This year two supercyclone have already originated (Tauktae and Yaas ) threatened West Bengal. So two cyclones in a row in the peak Bengali Summer months of Baisakh and Jaistho already !

There are also other indications like cloudy sky, almost total absence of Nor ‘wester, cloudiness and rainfall around the day(s) this Summer of 2021!

Mother Nature is so furious because of the Torture her ‘offspring’ perpetrate on her throughout the year and years together !

Mom Nature actually cools down herself through these cyclones ! She has no way out ! The oceans try to stabilize extra temperature through these super cyclones !

If we do not take necessary measures Nature will be vociferous !

So let us plant trees, let us depend on alternative energy sources as fast as possible to save earth, to save humanity.

Apart from super cyclones, cloudburst, thunderstorms, landslides, other weather reverses and anomalies we are facing health problems unforeseen a few years back.

So Arise, Awake, Stop not till the Goal is Reached !

Let us focus more on Nature than internecine warfare !

Let us use technologies to the Benefit of Nature !

Let us use technologies not for War, but for Nature !

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