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Why Such Reluctance to Utilize Natural Energy Resources ?

Why are we so reluctant to utilize the most easily available sources/resources of energy ? I don’t want to blame all, but this is the overall situation.

This is the high time for the people and Governments to utilize the natural resources to produce solar, wind power and the like. Instead of that we are burning fossil fuel resources that can be suicidal !

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We are experiencing a lot of events indicating the threats we are braced up for, like recurrent tornadoes, twisters, typhoons in newer sea areas, cloudbursts, snowfalls in newer areas and so on !

Reversal of climate situations is being witnessed in huge number of places and also being reported in newspapers, but Governments are paying deaf ears to them, people are also becoming immune to such scenarios !

There is no space for reluctance. We must rise to the occasions and act right now. The future is ours. We must act now. Unitedly throughout the globe !

Should we hope for the better ? Let us hope, let us take necessary steps. Let us save humanity !

Nature will Recover herself, but let us not wait for that. Let us take actions for the Nature to help her Recover from the ‘shocks’ as soon as possible !

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