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Why Super Cyclones in Summer ? Unprecedented….

Why Super Cyclones in Summer ? Unprecedented….

Super Cyclones have become the go of the day ! Happening around the year ! Forty to Fifty years back Super Cyclones had been common in the monsoon-ending period, in the month of Ashwin (September-October), known as ashwiner jhor (Storms of Ashwin).

We were very familiar with Ashwiner Jhor in our childhood. It would take place before the Puja festivals in West Bengal. It would happen when the paddy plants would be in their productive stages. The tall indigenous paddy varieties would lodge down and the fields would be inundated. Ashwiner Jhor had been like Super Cycles as we see today. It would span over 2-3 days at a stretch and be devastating ! Damages to paddy crop could be highly catastrophic !

How Tauktae continues the trend of unpredictable cyclones on the North Indian Ocean. Photo: Parthasarathi Rout/Twitter
A storm-battered street in Goa during Cyclone Tauktae’s rampage. Photo: Parthasarathi Rout/Twitter

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